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Hello World

Let’s get this straight first: I’m from Kentucky, and we say y’all. I had to get that out of the way.

Hey y’all. Every blog needs a first post, so here it is. If you really want to get to know my history, you can check out my about page. Here’s the tl;dr - I’m a Network Architect for a regional MSP/CSP/VAR in Lexington, KY. I earned my CCIE (Data Center) in March of 2017, and I’ve spent the last twelve months doing anything besides studying. Unfortunately it’s time to get serious again. Over my career I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from bloggers and podcasters in the networking community, and I’m quite sure I would not have gotten to where I am without their examples. While this post from Ivan Pepelnjak was not the reason I decided to start this blog, the items he lists are a good summary of why I’m doing it.

  • Mentor younger engineers;
  • Educate non-networking professionals how networking really works;
  • Blog about your experiences (but make sure you’re technically accurate);
  • Write documentation for open-source software;
  • Create or contribute to open-source software (it can be as little as one-line bugfix);

I can’t say that i’m going to be able to check off every item on this list, but I’m going to give it a shot. Along those lines, I want to put some other goals in writing.

  • Write at least one blog post per month
  • Participate in my local and regional tech communities (e.g. VMUG, NOGs, Podcasts)
  • Work on obtaining my VCP6-NV certification
  • Work on obtaining my AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification
  • Write some Python, ideally to automate NSX
  • Become proficient with Ansible

I’ll be blogging about those things over the coming year, as well as anything else that catches my interest. Until next time - stay thirsty, my friends.