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Using cloud-init for Customization with VCD and Terraform

This post covers the details of how cloud-init reads its configuration through VMware tools, tips for troubleshooting cloud-init, and some other lessons learned along the way. Of course, I’ll share a working example that deploys a vApp to VCD using cloud-init for customization.

Intro to Google Cloud VMware Engine – Network and Connectivity Overview

In previous posts, I've shown you how to deploy a SDDC in Google Cloud VMware Engine, connect the SDDC to a VPC, and deploy a bastion host for managing your environment. In this post, we'll take a pause on deploying anything new to review what we have done so far. This post will provide an overview of the networking configuration and capabilities of our SDDC, and how to connect to it from an external site.

Intro to Google Cloud VMware Engine – Bastion Host Access with IAP

Welcome back! This post will build on our previous work by deploying a Windows Server 2019 bastion host to manage our Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) SDDC. Access to the bastion host will be provided with Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP). As was done in my previous post, everything will be deployed and configured with Terraform.